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We provide professional service businesses with the best tools available to help them build better, more profitable businesses.

While other industries have been reshaped and made dramatically more efficient by technology in the last 30 years, the professional services sector has been left to make do with little more than manual and error-prone tools like spreadsheets, timesheets and network drives. Until now.

The professional services sector employs around 10% of people in the developed world, and there are more than 700,000 professional service businesses in the US alone. However, the professional services sector has been largely left behind as technology has reshaped the way businesses are run and managed in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, finance and many many more.

While there are many reasons why professional service firms continue to run so much of their business using manual and cumbersome processes, the main reasons are because the average size of a professional service firm is relatively small - at 21 staff, it is much smaller than your average factory, bank or logistics company - and because the work professionals do is very "fuzzy" and not suited to traditional, rigid systems - no two projects, clients or staff members are ever the same; you can't put a barcode on them or run them through a predictable production process.

However, we believe that we can make a significant difference to the productivity and profitability of businesses in the professional services sector.

We believe that by focusing on the challenges faced by real people - managers, staff and clients - rather than focusing on technology, we can solve real problems and increase efficiency of staff and the satisfaction of clients.

We believe that innovations in web-based, cloud delivered technology mean we can deliver solutions that are affordable for the small and medium businesses that make up almost all of the professional service sector.

We believe that implementing systems in a professional service business is the key to achieving scalability and growth without sacrificing margins and profitability. The way it should be.

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