A seamless pairing for hands-free management

Client Contacts

  • Centralized management of contacts - from lead through to client.
  • Use custom fields for extra categorization, searching and filtering.
  • Keep tabs on the clients and contacts you care about using Relationships.

Google Contacts

  • Sync your team's address books to share a client database in Accelo
  • Manage client activities straight from your email with the Gmail Gadget.
  • Let Accelo intelligently create missing client contacts.

Automatic Email Tracking

  • Get a central, business inbox that is linked to all of your client work
  • Keep certain contacts confidential with powerful privacy settings
  • Send emails to groups of clients directly from Accelo

Gmail Integration

  • Free your business related emails from isolated inboxes
  • Fly through emails on your smartphone and see them reflected in Accelo
  • Always know who's replied to an email using the Gmail Gadget

Scheduling & Meetings

  • Manage work schedules and resource utilization of your team
  • Stay up-to-date and organized with your sales and project meetings
  • Capture billable time related to client meetings with ease

Calendar Sync

  • Push your scheduled work or client meetings from Accelo to Google Calendar
  • Even appointments created directly in Google are sync'd up to Accelo
  • Attendee reports allow your team to follow-up effectively

Task Tracking

  • Manage tasks, time estimates and deadlines efficiently
  • Easily assign and schedule tasks with the drag-and-drop boards
  • Tasks created in Accelo push automatically to Google with 2-way sync

Google Task Sync

  • Use the Gmail Gadget to quickly add tasks right from your business emails
  • Update tasks in Google knowing they are automatically updated in Accelo
  • Easily manage Accelo tasks using special task lists.

Try Accelo for free

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  • No payment information required

Loved by thousands of professionals around the world

Renae Lunjevich

Bang! Online Marketing

The ability to seamlessly transition from a project phase into an ongoing service phase with the same client using the same tools, framework & billing has helped us turn this good theory into a reality.

Paul Weinert


Auto-generating invoices and tasks is awesome. We setup our support services in Accelo’s Contracts & Retainers Module, I just quickly approve the work done, generate the invoice and send it off to clients.

Daniel Lynton


Having a system to manage our client work makes it easier to focus on the things that we love - making the web, and the world, a better place for our clients, team and the wider community.

Accelo is an end-to-end solution to streamline your professional service business in the cloud.  Accelo is the number one Google app CRM, project management, and professional services automation for businesses who are serious about cutting administrative burden, closing more deals, and delivering better service. 

Accelo lets you use all the Google apps you love and automatically pulls all data into one easy-to-use dashboard in real time.  Get complete financial and client insight from anywhere on any device.  It’s never been this easy to manage your service business with concrete actionable data from one integrated system.  Give Accelo a try today, for free, and see why hundreds of businesses use Accelo to work smarter.