A seamless pairing for hands-free management

Client Contacts

  • Get multi-user access to a central, client database
  • Customize and search for clients by category
  • View client relationships and the status of conversations, sales, projects and more

Microsoft Contacts

  • Sync your team's address books to build a client database in Accelo
  • 2-way sync minimizes data duplication and conflicts
  • Let Accelo intelligently import missing client contacts.

Automatic Email Tracking

  • Get a central, business inbox that is linked to all of your client work
  • Keep certain contacts confidential with powerful privacy settings
  • Send emails to groups of clients directly from Accelo.

Email Integration

  • Free your business related emails from isolated inboxes
  • Keep using Exchange/Office365 knowing that client emails are tracked in your business dashboard
  • Fly through emails on your smartphone and see them reflected in Accelo

Schedule & Meetings

  • Manage work schedules and resource utilization of your team
  • Stay up-to-date and organized with your sales and project meetings
  • Capture billable time related to client meetings with ease

Calendar Sync

  • Push your scheduled work or client meetings from Accelo to Exchange/Office365
  • Even appointments created directly in Exchange/Office365 are sync'd up to Accelo
  • Attendee reports allow your team to follow-up effectively

Task Tracking

  • Manage tasks, time estimates and deadlines efficiently
  • Easily assign and schedule tasks with the drag-and-drop boards
  • Task notification emails keep managers and assignees informed

Task Sync

  • Tasks created in Accelo push automatically to Exchange/Office365
  • Close client tasks in Office365 knowing the Accelo task will update too
  • Tasks pushed to Office365 can also create calendar reminders

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  • Hassle free
  • No payment information required

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Dan Belhassen


Accelo delivers more than promised by enabling us to manage our clients, projects, tasks and time with ease. Their responsiveness to questions and ideas puts them at the head of the pack when it comes to supporting their clients in getting the most out of their system.

Andy Thompson

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We're absolutely loving Accelo. The skills tagging feature took me by surprise and it's had a huge impact on our resource allocation process.

Renae Lunjevich

Bang! Online Marketing

The ability to seamlessly transition from a project phase into an ongoing service phase with the same client using the same tools, framework & billing has helped us turn this good theory into a reality.

Welcome to Accelo, the world’s most complete solution to run your professional service business in the cloud.  Accelo integrates seamlessly with all the business apps you already use everyday.  Instantly integrate Microsoft Exchange into Accelo CRM, project management, and business automation platform.  Accelo automatically pulls all client emails and organizes client communication in the cloud. 

Manage clients from prospect to payment in one easy-to-use system.  Gain 360 degree insight into your service business with one comprehensive real-time dashboard.  Get a full feature 14 day trial today to see how serious professionals use Accelo to work smarter.