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Uploading Attachments

The Forms APIs allow for the Uploading of Attachments when submissions are made. Because Attachments can have numerous details (the file itself, and optionally the folder/directory to upload it into) and HTML Forms are really only good for sending name/value pairs, we need to "bundle" the fields together to create a upload with a clever naming convention.


Here are the fields you can use to Upload Attachments through each of the Form APIs.

Field Name




<input type="file">

This is the only required field to upload an attachment. The IDENTIFIER is any arbitrary string which you can also use to designate the folder/directory for the file to be uploaded into (see below). Note that while you can upload multiple fields, each attachment field name needs to be unique.


Eg, Resumes or Applications/Web

The optional "filepath" prefix allows you to specify which folder/directory the file should be uploaded into. The "value" of this form field can include more than a single folder, and can include a path (strings separated by / symbols) to designate subdirectories.


The best way to see an example is to use View Source on our Example forms page: https://www.accelo.com/_resources/app/dev/forms.html. The source code has plenty of comments and advice, and you can enter your own deployment name and actually test pushing form values into your own deployment.

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