3 Project Management Musts for Successful Creatives

24-Mar 2016

Have a creative project you want to get off the ground? Before you make any kind of pitch or hit the ground running, you need to make sure you’ll be able to manage it successfully.  

There are a lot of pain points in managing a creative project well, especially at an agency. On that note, here are three project management musts for successful creatives:

1. Set up smart workflows

While a lot of your focus will be on your craft (and with good reason), part of managing a project successfully means looking up from what you’re doing and making sure you stay on course. Instead of making mental notes that can be forgotten, set up smart workflows for yourself so that you can be automatically notified of next stepslike when to do what.

2. Have a dynamic project plan

Even if you’re putting everything into a Gantt chart, you know all too well that things rarely stay lineardependencies change. Is your Gantt chart able to dynamically adjust on its own to reflect the realities of the real world? For example, if the graphics you need for a campaign aren’t approved on time, you need a project plan that’ll adjust to those ad-hoc changes (on its own) so that you can tackle bigger issues (and be successful).

3. Track everything

Don’t let anything fall through the cracks. You should always be able to see when the last touch was with a client, a contractor, what was discussed, where you’re at on a task (the list goes on), all from one simple place. It’s really important to have everything you’re working on easily accessible and visible so that if you (or someone else) need to jump in or pull something up, you canwithout breaking a sweat.

Doing great creative work is just one part of getting the job done. The other, is making sure you’ve set yourself up for success from the get-go to manage the project effectively. If you’re feeling like you’re not as streamlined or organized as you could be, check this out.

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