3 Reasons Why You Need a ServOps

24-Sep 2015

Project-centric businesses are highly dependent on the success of their projects in order to remain profitable and survive. The business depends on the ability to empower project managers and project teams to plan, create and deliver a successful project on budget and on time.

As the business grows, the demand on the team increases, creating a need for quick-moving project teams that have the ability to work efficiently. Having an efficient, repeatable process would make it easy for any project-centric business to consistently take any project from the quote all the way to the delivery. This would not only allow the business to save time but could also positively affect the bottom line.

The challenge is that creating and establishing a smooth and repeatable process is not easy. However, a good start is to consider adopting a Service Operations Automation (ServOps) solution. A ServOps is a robust solution that will give you the visibility and control you need to focus on what is most important – achieving results by delivering successful projects. Here are a few key reasons why all project-centric businesses need a ServOps.

1. Simplify Project Planning and Execution

When you are about to close a deal, you want to get all the details from the quote into the project right away, right? Dealing with spreadsheets and manually inputting the information every time you have a new prospect is time-consuming and complicates your project planning and execution. Simply adding your quote information into your Service Operations Automation solution or project management tool should be enough to get you started on a project with a complete view of your project details.

If your project management solution doesn’t allow you to easily plan, manage, and execute your projects from the quote all the way to the delivery, then you really should consider a different option. A smart Service Operations Automation solution will allow you to build flexible and agile project plans, match the right people within the organization up with the right projects, and have all of the mission-critical data you need to make the right decisions. Essentially, everyone in the team is able to update their tasks, while managers can assess the impact on overall project schedules, budgets, and staffing to proactively resolve issues as they arise. On top of this, a ServOps solution gives project-centric businesses a closed-loop communication tool between resources, managers, band the entire project team.

2. Measure and Control Project Costs

How many times have you experienced the dreaded scope creep, and wished you had a better way to control and measure project costs? Managing your project budget can be dreadful and, if not done correctly, can really put a toll on your business. Even still, mastering the ability to deal with client expectations while controlling your budget is fundamental to the success of your projects. The key is to monitor and analyze the productivity of your resources and maximize the contribution of each person on your team. The easiest way to do that is to get a tool that simplifies your budget needs and allows you to forecast your profitability. From there, you should be able to track the granular and auxiliary costs of your projects, giving you the visibility you need to know where your project budget stands at any given point and easily adjust accordingly.

3. Make Real-Time Decisions

It’s crunch time and you need to make a quick decision that will have a big impact on your team and your business. The only problem is that you have no way of pulling accurate reports about your projects, and there is no way you can trust the data. This means that quick decisions can’t be made without going back to 10 different spreadsheets and consolidating the numbers. By the time you have a clear picture, it’s too late and the profit potential is lost. Even if you are a small business, not having a clear and accurate view of it makes it impossible to make those critical ad-hoc decisions. In order for those critical decisions to be easily made, it’s important for all project-centric businesses to consider eliminating the guesswork and retiring the spreadsheets.

Giving project-centric businesses access to real-time, up-to-date data gives them the advantage they need. This would give executives the visibility they need to make the decision, improve profitability and facilitate sustainable long-term growth.

In the end

It is normal for most project-centric businesses to not realize that they need a ServOps designed to drive their projects to success. However, a ServOps can empower your team, save you time and money, and give you an easily repeatable process so you can scale your business. Whether you run a design firm, a public relations agency, a law firm or an accounting agency, a robust ServOps encompasses all of the aspects of a project that you need in order to take control from the very beginning to the very end. Start making informed decisions: look into a ServOps that will work for you.

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