How to Work Smarter with Automated Technology

2-Feb 2017

Like many small business owners, you might be spreading yourself thin; putting in crazy hours just to make sure everything gets done.

You’ve also probably realized that it isn't the most efficient (or satisfying) way to run your business - but you’re too bunkered down by busywork to find a better solution.

By tirelessly working on repetitive tasks, you’re wasting valuable time that could be spent on clients (who bring in revenue) and growing your business. Thing is,  with the help of smart automation technology, all this  stuff can be automated for you - so you can finally get back to doing the work you love.

Here’s how to put your business on autopilot and start working more efficiently:

1. Automate Timesheets

Reduce the amount of busywork you have related to timesheets by using a smart platform with time-tracking capabilities. When work is logged in real-time and recorded against projects, the actual invoicing process becomes so much easier. Approvals take seconds, and invoice creation can happen painlessly in the click of a button.

For example, an approved timesheet can be converted into an invoice instantly, without having to manually enter data or jump between different platforms. Imagine how much time and money this could save you and your business every week (hint: it’s around $50,000 per professional, per year!)


2. Streamline your invoicing process

Plan, quote and close a project instantly. Make all payment details visible to you and your clients in a shared dashboard, and get automatically notified each time a client interacts with it (like making comments, changes to a deadline, or adding questions).

Having all tasks (and budgets) automatically updated in a single dashboard also means you'll never have to dig through client records or emails to figure out the status of a project again.

3. Reuse and Recycle

Save project and invoice templates for recurring client work  so you don't have to repeat the same process repeatedly. Put project plans together with ease, using either preconfigured templates or by starting with a blank canvas - customize away!

Using a smart automation platform to track the amount of work you and your team log against each project, every day will prevent creep scope (and burnout) and improve your bottom line. That way,you can focus on growing your business even more.

With so many tools to chose from, it's important you pick a platform that’s right for you and your business. We get how busy you are (we’ve been there), so we’ve done some research for you. Let’s get you back to doing the work you love.

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