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A 10-Point Checklist for Managing Successful Projects

26-Jan 2018 • Project Management

“How am I supposed to deliver successful projects if I'm flat-out trying to manage my team and clients?”

If this sounds like you, don’t panic. We understand that there are only 24 hours in a day and just one of you, so we’ve created a 10-point checklist that’ll help you run more successful projects. That way, you'll be able to focus on important tasks that generate revenue while technology takes care of the rest. 

1. Prep for success:

Before you get started on your next big project, ensure you have software in place that can drive your business forward by automating all of your busy work for you. That way, you only need to focus on the project at hand rather than wasting time on redundant tasks.

2. Avoid burn-out:

Now that you have a smart automation platform in place, you can access your team's calendars to ensure no one is getting overworked (or underutilized) on certain projects. That way, everyone is working more efficiently and no one gets burned out.

3. Communicate:

With streamlined communication, your clients and team will always be on the same page when it comes to the status of a certain project or support ticket. That way, everyone can get the information they need from one shared dashboard and you don’t need to answer the same question twice.

4. Reuse and recycle:

Fast-track a project's progress with a smart platform that lets you reuse old project templates for clients who you do similar work for on a regular basis. This means you can spend less time on repetitive processes and more time on client work that drives growth.

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5. Be flexible:

You need a flexible deadline in place to account for any unexpected changes or delays (which usually always happens). Just like a self-driving car, let your smart platform guide your projects and automatically update your project's deadline as your plans and objectives change - it’s never been so easy!

6. Track all of your work:

Account for every billable hour with a time tracking feature that automatically starts and stops when you enter certain meetings, respond to emails, or complete assigned tasks. Then easily convert that into billable revenue from your smart platform to get paid in an instant.

7. Stay informed:

The right smart platform will also notify you when your projects are nearing deadline and if they’re going over budget. That way, you can proactively manage your team's time and calendars before it's too late - and your clients don't get hit with any unexpected costs!

8. Work on-the-go:

As a project manager, you’re constantly on the move: traveling between meetings and checking in with valuable clients. Make the most of this ‘in-between time’ with a smart platform that syncs to your mobile device - so you can stay connected with your projects, clients, and team while working on the fly.

9. Get paid faster:

Once the project is done and dusted, the last thing you (and your clients) want is a lengthy billing process. Thankfully, your smart platform can automate all of that too by integrating with your primary accounting software - like Xero or Quickbooks - so that you can get paid in an instant, and without all the headaches.

10. Retain clients for lasting growth:

The project was a success, you got paid in record time, and your clients were beyond delighted... Now, use your smart platform to retain their business by setting up automatic notifications to touch base with them at a certain time in the near future! That way, you stay on their radar and effortlessly outperform your competitiors.

Sounds good, right? Start working more efficiently with a smart automation platform today! Just click here to activate your free trial.

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