Accountants: 3 Ways to Overcome your Overflowing Inbox

18-Mar 2016

Managing your accounting practice can be a headache (and that’s not including all of your client work). It’s really hard to stay on top of what your team is working on when everything is scattered in different inboxes and spreadsheets. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three things to help you overcome your overflowing inbox and scattered info:

1. A team inbox

It’s not fun (or practical) to have to cc’ or forward emails with “fyi”s to your team to make sure everyone’s in the loop. What if you had a place for all your client-related communication, like a live stream with every touch you or someone from your team have had with a client? If you had something like that, you’d always be able to see where your team is at with client communications (without overflowing your inbox).

2. Automatic email tracking and sync

When you think of email mayhem, do scattered client emails, attachments, appointments, and notes come to mind (or your inbox)? Trying to keep tabs on all of that can really take a toll on the actual accounting work you’re able to do for your clients and hurt your business. But, with a smart technology you’d be able to automatically track and share all client related emails so that you and your team had a one stop shop for all of the info you need (and be able to ditch the email mayhem).

3. Integrated client records

How often have you gone and tapped your colleague on the shoulder trying to figure out an email or client account that got forwarded to you that’s inconclusive? In reality, you should never have to do this. One, because it’s unproductive and two, because it means all of your business and client records aren’t properly organized and accessible from one simple place. Make faster and better-informed decisions by accessing all the client-related information you need from one place with a smart platform, without having fragments of info flooding your inbox.

Your inbox doesn’t need to be a black hole. Do some research into the options out there that can help you stay on top of it all without stretching yourself thin. Or, if you like, check this out.

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