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13-Dec 2012 • Product
Sarah + Hugh

Drum roll please...

You've asked for it, you've waited and now Accelo is integrated with Salesforce! 

This integration allows your team to make the most of your valuable data by sharing it with Accelo, where you can manage projects, client retainers, create invoices and start tracking email conversation history automatically.

The synchronization of contact information between the two systems optimizes the power of Salesforce's sales and Accelo's platform to drive your business to full automation.

You'll save time by reducing double data entry and your staff will spend less time switching between systems to find the most up-to-date records!

How does it work?

1. Simply have your admin user link Accelo to your Salesforce account.

2. Run the Import wizard to bring across companies, contacts, sales opportunities and cases (issues) - as well as tasks, events, notes and activity/email history! The wizard ensures data is transferred correctly.. so your open sales opportunities come through as open sales in Accelo.

3. Once imported, Accelo will automatically keep your companies and contacts in Sync. If you want to ensure that Salesforce is always your "Source of Truth" for your valuable client and contact details, you have the option of configuring Accelo to only pull changes from Salesforce & not push!

Visit our help website for steps on connecting, importing and sync'ing Accelo & Salesforce

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