Accelo - now in the Google Apps Marketplace

7-Mar 2011

Great news - Accelo has just been accepted by Google into their Apps Marketplace.

If you're not familiar with the G Suite Marketplace, it is basically a place to find great web applications which integrate with Google's Email, Calendar, Docs and other business applications, known collectively as G Suite.

There are a number of benefits for our users of being listed in Google's Apps Marketplace.

Firstly, the installation process is easy for administrators; simply click on "Add it now" in our listing and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Secondly, installing Accelo from the Marketplace provides great convenience to your users - they don't need to remember a separate login for Accelo, and instead we use Google's authentication systems to log Accelo users in. In another convenience benefit, your users are able to easily access Accelo: the simply click on "Accelo" in the top of their Mail, Calendar or other G Suite window and get into Accelo instantly.

The third big benefit relates to integration - instead of requiring each user to connect their own account to Google one at a time, Apps allows you, as the administrator, to instantly connect all user accounts in your domain, quickly and easily, providing real-time benefits of calendar, contact and email integration.

Each of the four editions of Accelo are represented in the marketplace. If you're a G Suite user (for example, you use Gmail for your own domain name), you can install Accelo right away.

If you're an Accelo user and you've got a Google Account, we'd love if you'd take a minute to write us a review too, since reviews are the main way people select from the various products in the Apps Marketplace.

If you want to get going right away, you can signup for a free trial now at

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