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Best Practices Webinar: Resource Utilization with Accelo (Sign Up)

5-Jun 2019

Business Owners, Project Managers and Traffic Managers - how do you know if your team has the bandwidth to take on more work for your clients? In our next Best Practices Webinar: Resource Utilization with Accelo, happening Thursday, June 20th (or Friday June 21st if you're in Asia-Pac), Product Expert, Katie Priest and host, Drew Hansen will share some tips on how you can see the detailed utilization metrics for your teams and who has the capacity in their busy schedules to take on more work.

With our team scheduling & resource management functionalities, you'll finally be empowered to spend less time on those daunting resource planning tasks and more time getting client work done and driving value to the business. Let us help take your business insights to the next level!

Join us for this special Best Practice Webinar to get the most out of your team's schedules using Accelo. There are two sessions available for this webinar, so find your slot and register!


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