Calendar to Timesheet Sync is Live

Jun 4 2012 read

We've just launched a new feature which will make it a lot easier for you to get your team to update their timesheets - Now Accelo can quickly and easily take entries from your Google or Outlook Calendar, and turn them into workable entries on your timesheets in the system!

How it works
Around once every half an hour, Accelo will connect and sync with your Exchange or Google Calendar server, and import a list of any new appointments that you've created. They're represented in your Schedule as purple bars, and similarly, for your convenience, they're now represented in your Work screen as purple entries too.
Since Accelo doesn't know which client, project, issue or other entry this work might relate to, you need to "convert" these calendar entries into timesheet entries by following this simple process outline below. If the entry isn't actually work-related, you can simply click on the cross icon, to remove it from your list.

How to easily turn appointments into accurate time sheets
1. First, click on "Log Work", and you'll be presented with a search box. Type in the part of the company name for the client this work is against, and Accelo will show you a list of matching companies.

2. Then, select your company, and Accelo will show you a list of all of the tasks, sales, projects and issues. You then need to select which of these this work should be linked to.

Note: currently, you need to have already created a task, a sales opportunity, a project or an issue before you can log work against it. In the future we plan to make this process more streamlined, so you can create tasks and potentially other work items from this screen.

3. When you select the task, sale, project or issue, you're then able to log the work. If you enter a report, the work will also be reported on at that point in time; if you don't, the work will be converted into a scheduled diary entry, and you can report on it later.

4. Once you hit "Log work", the calendar entry will be converted to a diary entry, and then appear in your work screen just as if you'd created it in Accelo in the first place! This also means that it will be part of your timesheet reports as well as billing and approval screens, making it easier than ever to have complete and accurate timesheets (which can ultimately increase your revenue as well).

This new feature is currently in beta, and we'd love to hear what you think about it and how we can make it better. Simply drop us an email at [email protected] to share your thoughts!

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