Client Portal (Extranet) now live!

4-Jul 2011

All Accelo Beta deployments have now had Client Portal, or Extranet, turned on! 

You can now invite any clients that you have entered inside Accelo to login to a portal where they can view work that you are doing for them. They will also be able to submit requests for service (which appear in the requests module above), see email conversations they were involved in, and requests submitted by any of their staff.

The snapshot below shows what the home tab for a contact might look like, and the other tabs which may be applicable to your edition of Accelo. The business using Accelo is Hiive Systems, and the client is from "WHAT Industries".

Highlights of the new Client Portal/Extranet include:

  • Your clients can submit requests for service
  • Your clients can view the status of issues and jobs that you're working on for them.
  • Your clients can view contract/package utilisation in real time.
  • Your clients can send you messages and questions directly from the issue, job or contract they're looking at; much better for helping you with tracking your time than relying on regular emails alone.
  • Your clients can review invoice histories, and request that invoices be re-issued to them via email.

Visit the Client Portal page on our help website to learn more about this great new feature, and let us know by emailing what additional things you'd love to provide to your clients through your Accelo client portal.

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