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3 Ways Cloud Automation Tools Grow Your Business

18-Jul 2017

Just like a smart car, the right business platform will drive your business forward and guide you to a place of success.

How? Because for the first time in a long time, technology has advanced to unite your sales, projects, tickets, retainers, and time tracking, sales, and billing all in one simple place - so that you have more time to spend with clients and grow your business.

What’s even better? Cloud-based software is inexpensive to run, so it’s going to save you money all while automating the menial admin tasks you dread doing - here's how:

  1. Work from anywhere, anytime
  2. Boost visibility for you and your clients
  3. Streamline billing in a secure way

1. Work from anywhere, anytime:

Run your business with ease, with cloud-based software that lets you access your client information and data no matter where you are. Use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to update team projects while working on-the-go, and say goodbye to poor time-tracking habits with a  geofencing feature that automatically logs the time you spend working remotely.

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2. Boost visibility for you and your clients:

Keep everyone in the loop with a smart platform that offers a Team Inbox or Stream; a place where all client-related communication is stored automatically for any team member to access. Not only does this foster company-wide transparency but it prevents a client from being hassled with questions they’ve previously answered before - because all their details are right there in front of you. You’ll also be able to see what’s going on in pertinent client accounts (in real-time), without having your personal inbox flooded with forwarded emails or CCs - saving you from the painstaking task of having to dig around in various disconnected tools just to get the information you need.

3. Streamline billing in a secure way:

There’s no doubt in saying that cloud-based business tools make your life easier - but did you know they also help secure your data and deliverables? That means you can assure your clients that their personal information is safe from cyber threats, regardless of where you’re working from. The right smart platform can also integrate with the likes of Stripe,, and PayPal so that you can streamline your billing process and get paid within minutes - it’s never been so easy.

Sounds pretty good, right? Click here to learn more about the value in a cloud-based platform and try one out for free today!

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