3 Ways to Work Smarter & Faster

How to Harness the Power of the Cloud

4-Apr 2018

No matter whether you're a business consultant, web designer or MSP at a leading company, much of your time is going to be spent meeting with clients outside of the office - and for traditional practices, this can be quite challenging.

If you’re still running your business on outdated tools that don’t connect to your mobile device, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to work and grow your business on-the-go.

What you need is a cloud-based software solution that can connect your data, clients, and team in one place - so that you can work efficiently no matter where you are. Here's how:

Stay Connected

Never miss a beat with a smart platform that integrates with the likes of Slack, Office 365, and G Suite. You’ll be able to stay in touch with your team while working on the fly and access all relevant client data from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You won't even have to find time between meetings to manually update your records because this is automatically done for you. The best part? A true, cloud-based platform will also sync with your personal calendars to notify you of any appointments and keep you organized among the chaos.

Track Billable Time

Say goodbye to annoying time tracking processes that often involve spreadsheets, punch clocks, and a whole lot of guesswork - because the right cloud-based platform will take care of all of that too.
Use your smartphone to create, start and pause timers no matter where you are to keep track of your billable time more efficiently. The most advanced business management platforms will also offer a geofencing feature - so that if you have a client office that you visit often, you can create a ‘GeoFence’ for this location and have your timers automatically start when you get there - it’s that easy!

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Boost Profitability

Cloud-based technology will monitor your firm's budgets, profitability, and streamline your billing process - so that you can stay focused on growing your business and delighting your clients. Plus, smart automation platforms will log you and your team’s time directly against the invoices you send so that you can get paid faster, and for every billable task.

Sounds pretty good, right? Click here to learn more about the value in switching to a cloud-based platform, or check this out if you’d rather get started with your free trial today.

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