3 Ways to Win More Clients

How to Retain Valuable Clients For Lasting Growth

21-Jul 2017

As human beings, we’ve all been a customer at least once in our lives - so we understand that there are times when all someone wants is a little extra attention.

That's why, as service professionals, you need a cloud-based software that'll help you go the extra mile for your customers, to retain their business and maintain positive client relationships.

The right service operations platform will also let you work in a more efficient way to not only drive revenue but boost your reputation! Here’s how:

Increased Transparency:

Use your automated platform to boost company-wide transparency by enabling shared access to projects and calendars, so that existing (or prospective) clients understand your true value. They’ll be able to see how many billable hours you’re putting in, and get automatic updates every time a task is completed - so that your business looks professional, efficient, and most importantly, worth investing time in.

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Streamlined Communication:

One way to build lasting client relationships is to have a seamless communication process. With a Team Inbox or ‘stream’, all client-related communication will be stored automatically for any new team member to access - which means a client won't need to be hassled with questions they’ve already answered because all their history is right there in front of you.

By keeping track of the time you spend communicating with clients (yes, this includes phone calls and emails) you’ll be able to log more billable hours - which means more money in your pocket. Not only will this boost your team's productivity, but it'll show your clients just how efficient you are, and in turn boost your reputation.

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Simple Invoicing:

With the ability to instantly convert an email to an invoice, you’ll also be able to simplify the billing process for you and your clients (and get paid even faster). For many service professionals, trying to convert billable time into revenue is a lengthy process: They need to gather all their expenses from various tools, emails, and accounts - which is a tedious process and one that could damage client relationships if done incorrectly.

But with the right smart platform, you could cut the admin burden of invoicing by as much as 70% (or altogether) for you and your clients simply by automating the entire process. That way, you can focus on the more important things like boosting profitability and productivity.

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