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Make Convenience Your Top Priority this New Year with ServOps

27-Dec 2018

Convenience has become a top priority for consumers, with millions a year opting to make everyday tasks easier with the scroll and touch of a button.

A recent analysis showed that the 25-year cost the average 20-something Uber rider will spend on rides is about $323,190. In 2017, Tinder had 2.5 million paying customers, while Postmates fleet raked in $216.8 million that year alone. In the United States, there’s an estimated 90 million paying Amazon Prime subscribers, that’s over a fourth of the total U.S. population.

Comedian and political commentator, Hasan Minhaj highlighted this in his Netflix special, Patriot Act, “Convenience is the commodity that matters most to our generation.”

We concentrate so much on the convenience factor for everyday menial exercises, with the New Year approaching it’s the optimal time to apply this same mentality to other vital facets in life. With Service Operations Automation (ServOps) software, cull the same advantages that you look for in other convenience-centric platforms to make daily job tasks easier and more efficient.

Cut Wasteful Time, Effort and Processes

With these platforms, people have found ways to save the hassle of everyday obstacles like securing a ride, buying a last-minute gift, even trying to find a possible date. In the workplace, it’s normal to find yourself juggling a chaotic schedule and prioritizing repetitive tasks. Stop starting from scratch every time with ServOps—create recurring tasks for your regular clients within retainers, set up due dates, assign tasks ahead of time, and update information in real-time when needed. For projects, configure key project steps and create workflow templates that can be reused for future use. By doing so you’ll save yourself ample time to get back to the work you love.

The Swiss Army Knife for Businesses

A common denominator between these convenience focused apps is that they’re a go-to solution. ServOps is your ultimate business software. Instead of bouncing back and forth to various platforms to run your business, ServOps is a one stop shop that allows users complete visibility and control of your business in one central hub from planning projects, monitoring the sales pipeline, and tracking client communications.

This year, make it a priority to not only bring convenience to your social aspects, but to the way in which you work. In doing so you’ll make your work life much more productive and organized to get back to the work that truly matters to you. See how Accelo can bring the ultimate convenience to your life and sign up for a trial.

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