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Monotasking with ServOps

9-Nov 2018

How many notifications do you get a day? Do you start and stop big projects to attend to minutiae? It can be hard to focus at work and get tasks completed efficiently when social media, Slack, and email notifications are a source of disruption. Additionally, pair our highly connected lives with the popular open office layout and there may be few opportunities where you're truly able to have privacy and no distraction. 

That’s where automation steps in.

An automated operations platform can be the first step in providing you with the time you need to focus on big projects. We believe in having everything you need in one place. That's why you can manage your entire sales pipeline, plan projects, and track client emails from Accelo's Service Operations (ServOps) tool. ServOps takes care of administrative tasks, such as sending recurring invoices and tracking client communication.

See how an all-in-one platform can work for you with a free trial.  

ServOps Helps You Stay Focused:

  1. Organization of client records: ServOps tracks all services, communication, tickets, and invoicing data. It's always in one place, it's always accessible.

  2. Activity tracking: Never worry about running low on bandwidth and having details fall through the cracks. An automated platform tracks internal progress, client communication, and project growth. 

  3. Automated administrative work:  Automate everything from templates to invoices and retainers. You'll never lose time creating follow up meetings, template emails, and tracking data.

More On Monotasking And Productivity:

Monotasking means working on one task at a time. It’s more effective than multitasking, helping you remain mindful and preventing the phenomena of burning the candle at both ends. Overworking is common when we juggle multiple things at once, and switching quickly between tasks puts us out of touch with our mind and body. If we don’t know when we need a break then we’re subject to burnout, making mistakes, and agitation.

Apart from automating administrative work and project planning, why not turn off notifications when you’re in the middle of a big project? This includes email, Slack (or another internal messaging system), and social media. It will be there when you get back and some of the information will already be categorized under client records. See how ServOps keeps you engaged and connected with your work, clients, and internal team. Check us out by signing up for a free trial and see how you can simplify your work and your life. 


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