More power to the Admins, yeah baby!

9-Jan 2013

Here's another one from the Department of "What-Took-You-So-Long?" 

After noting that many of our users wanted more mobility between subscriptions and more information about billing, we've re-designed the Admin Dashboard to provide the utmost ease and transparency into your Accelo account.

Upgrade or downgrade your account straight from the dashboard, review your billing details, and invite new users quickly and easily!

Welcome to the new Admin Dashboard!

The updated dashboard makes it easier to manage your subscription details. It features the following sections:

Your Accelo Account

If you've been thinking about upgrading to Accelo Premium, but weren't sure what this would include, or need to confirm the change in monthly price, this new section is very handy! And with a single click your account will be upgraded (or downgraded) as you like.

Billing Details & Past Invoices

While this information is shown on every invoice you receive from us, it's handy to be able to review and made changes at any time:

  • Check your billing frequency, subscription renewal date and amount (which changes automatically as you switch plans or users)
  • Switch to yearly billing, or update your credit card information in a quick and secure process.
  • View outstanding balances on your subscription, and easily make payments online
  • Keep track of all subscription invoices under the Past Invoices section.


Review user activity & invite more users

The User List section has been slightly improved so you can easily change the access level for a user, see who hasn't logged in recently and create & invite new users on the fly!

Easily turn modules on & off

So this feature was already here, but included a lot of unwanted detail about the number of statuses and progressions you've configured. Now, it's a quick and simple space for you to enable and disable modules as required!

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