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By Mahlon Duke
Product Manager
Jan 24 2018 read

As an IT service provider, it’s a common situation that you’ll close a ticket, and then your client will follow up to report a new or ongoing issue.  In these situations, it’s important that your tickets reflect this update, and that they correctly reflect that there’s further work to be done.  

Accelo’s new event-based triggers tool makes it easier than ever to automate the update of your tickets’ status.  

Let us show you how:

Creating a Trigger to Automatically Reopen a Ticket When a New Email is Received

The first step in automatically re-opening your tickets is ensuring that your ticketing process has both a Closed and Reopened status.  To do that, open the Tickets Progressions & Fields page located under Configuration > Tickets > Progressions & Fields and click the New Status button.  While you can of course name your statuses anything that makes sense for your process, you’ll want to ensure that you at least have two different statuses which can fill these roles.

First time creating a new status?  Check out our help guide for more information.

Now that you have the necessary statutes, let’s create the new trigger.  Click the Triggers tab, and click the blue New Trigger button.

Now we’ll be configuring the trigger’s event specifications which will control how the trigger identifies incoming emails.  Give your trigger a title, and select the Event option for Trigger Type.

You’ll see a new set of options appear, called Event Preferences.  Enter the following details:

  • Activity Created By: Contact

  • Subject: Any

  • Body: Any

  • Time Logged: Any

  • Activity Type: Email

Lastly, set the Trigger Repetition to Allow to fire more than once for each Ticket.

You’re all done with the event details.  Click Save & Next.

Next, we’ll be adding rules to your trigger.  These rules will be used to identify the situations where you would and would not like for the ticket to be re-opened.  In this example, we’ll be using a very simple set of rules to re-open all closed tickets when a new email is received.

Click the blue + Add New Rule button, and set the new rule’s details to:

  • Category: Ticket Field

  • Field: Status

  • Condition: Is

  • Status: Closed

Your rules are done!  Click Save & Next. 

Lastly, we’ll be adding an action which will perform the actual work of re-opening the ticket.

Click the blue Add new action button, and select Change Status.

Enter the following information on the next page:

  • Title: Re-Open Ticket When Email is Received.  (This title is internal, and purely informational, and can therefore be customized as desired)

  • New Status: Re-Opened (Or whichever status you prefer to use for a ticket which has been re-opened)

Click the blue Save button, and then click the blue Save & Close button, located on the resulting page.  The final step is to now turn your trigger on.

Click the grey On button to turn your trigger on, and Accelo will immediately begin monitoring your closed tickets for new emails, and re-opening them when an email is received - it's never been so easy!

To learn more about our new event-based triggers, check out our launch blog post here. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to [email protected]


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