Pro-Tips for Managing Emails and Contacts

25-Oct 2012
Sarah Khogyani

Let’s begin with the most obvious: email is the most commonly used mode of communication within client-facing companies. In fact, it’s the life-blood of business, with more than half of all critical conversations stored within a single inbox.

Though we usually get bombarded, there are still ways of making do. From filtering, archiving and moving emails around, the busy communicators of the world have learned to battle their way out of flooded inboxes.

I’m not one for struggle—and with all the technology our data has to offer, why not share some smarter techniques?

Starring within Gmail


Within your Gmail dashboard, you can mark certain emails as important or for later reading.

Archiving within Gmail



Create labels for certain types of messages and move them to specific folders.


Capturing to Accelo

Automatically sync emails and contacts from Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 into Accelo. Continue using your regular email client. Access a shared database where all client emails, attachments and contact details are automatically stored and indexed. This is best used for teams to keep track of client conversations and documents.

For more information, visit our on gmail Help site

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