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5 Accelo Reviews: What Our Customers Are Saying

By Christa Balingit
Marketing Communications Manager
Mar 18 2020 read

As a company, we are always looking to improve our platform to make sure it works for you and your company - not the other way around. That’s why we love it when our customers take the time out to tell us what they love about Accelo. We put together 5 reviews from customers who work in a variety of industries and have found tons of value streamlining their operations with Accelo. 

Check out what they have to say below about how Accelo is helping their companies succeed: 

1) Martin Gamble, Gamcorp

Martin is the CEO of a structural engineering consultancy business based in Australia. He has been with Accelo since 2013, and here’s what he says about the platform: 

“We use Accelo to solve many problems in our business, but primarily, the ability to be able to effectively plan and schedule our work is the greatest benefit for us. It allows our individual team members to plan out each day, which tasks they are going to perform, and log how much time they’re spending on each one so that they can get the most out of their day, and the team leaders are able to see who is being the most efficient and where the work needs to be distributed.” 

2) Susie Schade, Vector Business Solutions 

Susie Schade, the CEO and President at Vector Business Solutions, calls Accelo a “game-changer for our professional service business.” As a leader in charge of a company that focuses on Financial consulting for its clients, Susie understands how important it is to have a tool the team can be confident in: 

“Accelo provides a CRM, sales funnel, statements of work (quoting), active work (projects and ongoing), time tracking, and invoicing -- all in one fully integrated platform. We are able to see our workload for each staff member. We are also able to ensure that all committed work is scheduled and assigned to team members.” 

3) Joy Anne, BCS Consulting 

BCS Consulting is a management consultancy that works with clients in banking and financial services. The team frequently works with a wide variety of clients including banks, insurance firms, and card companies. Joy Ann explains how Accelo has helped the company stay organized: 

“I love many factors with Accelo and one of them is the payment management capacity which has unique control of all the business operations for handling finances. Again, on email automation and capturing, Accelo is there to increase the safety and the accuracy of a company.”

4) Hugo Navia, ServiceRocket 

Hugo has seen particular improvement in his day-to-day with the help of Accelo. The platform saves him around 5 hours per week on manual work. He’s found that he has more time to focus on more meaningful tasks and has better visibility into projects: 

I can quickly find the projects I've been working on and report my time spent on them. The graphs allow me to identify how much billable time I've spent and I can see how much billable time I still have assigned. I also like that I can coordinate with teammates I'm working on so we can focus on different tasks and projects and have a track to identify what they have been working on." 

5) Kristina Graham, Rivvly

As an Executive Assistant, Kristina focuses on administrative management for Rivvly. Often times, she finds herself juggling several tasks at once so having a tool on hand that helps her keep track of time logged on tasks has helped her immensely: 

“Accelo has been very helpful and efficient for our business usage. I use the weekly timesheet feature almost everyday. It has helped me to stay on track with tasks, and I love the “new timer” feature that allows you to start off right when you’re working - and not to think about tracking your hours.” 

These are only a few reviews our customers have left for us. You can check out other customer comments on several review sites, including G2, Capterra, and GetApp. Interested in trying Accelo out for yourself to realize the benefits of an all-in-one system to manage your client work like our customers above? Sign up for a trial today

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