Scheduled Outage: Infrastructure Upgrade March 19-20

8-Mar 2016
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Geoff McQueen FOUNDER & CEO

After a few months of planning, our infrastructure team here at Accelo is looking forward to a very big weekend - the weekend after next we'll be moving to a whole new data center in Oregon!

While we're staying with the mighty Amazon Web Services (who's cloud is more than double the size of Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Rackspace and Google combined), we're moving data-centers (or Availability Zones in cloud-lingo) to the more cutting-edge Oregon AWS location.

More Power

As we've continued to innovate with Accelo in the 2 years since moving to AWS, we've realized there's often new functionality and features available in Oregon that comes to Northern California later.

To make sure we've got access to the most powerful features, we're making the move north, and taking the opportunity to perform a range of other important steps like major upgrades to the underlying operating systems and system versions which you really only want to do if you're able to have a parallel test site running like we do now.

Cleaner Power

Another benefit of moving to the Oregon facility is environmental - Oregon has some of the cleanest power in the United States, with 99.8% of its power coming from renewables.

With servers (and their necessary air conditioning systems) being very very power hungry, moving to a state with a lot more clean power (California comes in at only 25%) is a nice benefit.

More Redundancy

The third benefit of moving to Oregon is that we're able to invest in more redundancy. While more expensive than our current configuration, this move will eliminate almost all single points of failure, including some of the most storage and computationally intensive things our systems need to do with us running complete replicas in a hot parallel mode.

Additionally, Oregon has 50% more redundancy built into the AWS network/platform (it has three availability zones, compared to Northern California's two) so while we hope not to need them, having the extra redundancy isn't a bad thing!

Maintenance Window

The maintenance window during the migration will for up to 8 hours, although our engineering team is quietly confident they'll be able to get things done in less time than this. Unfortunately, however, moving states and having data that is constantly being updated and processed means we will need to have an outage to ensure we don't end up with updated data scattered between the old and new locations while we're doing the cut over.

Update: apologies for our email having the incorrect dates previously - the correct dates are Sat 19th and Sun 20th of March.

The window, in various timezones around the world, is outlined below:

  • San Francisco: 3pm to 11pm on Sat March 19
  • New York: 6pm Sat to 2am Sun March 20
  • London: 10pm Sat to 6am Sun March 20
  • Cape Town: Midnight to 8am Sun March 20
  • Dubai: 2am to 10am Sun March 20
  • New Delhi: 3:30am to 11:30am Sun March 20
  • Singapore: 6am to 2pm Sun March 20
  • Sydney: 9am to 5pm Sun March 20
  • Auckland: 11am to 7pm Sun March 20

If you've got any questions regarding this maintenance window, please don't hesitate to email

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