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15-Nov 2011

Today is a very big day here at Accelo. It is the culmination of all the work our team has been putting into over the last couple of years. After months of development, then alpha testing and beta testing, today we're allowing our users to sign up for a subscription and go from being a beta tester or trial user to become a full Accelo client!

From today, we're making it easy to see where you are up to in your trial. If you're an administrator, when you next log in you'll see a bar across the top of Accelo which shows how much time you have remaining. This bar also has a handy link that allows you to sign up for a subscription whenever you're ready.

Sign up by Nov 20 & get a free t-shirt!

You can now sign up for a subscription to Accelo quickly and easily.

From the yellow bar, click on the green "Choose a plan" link.

Firstly, you'll be able to choose how many Professional (paid) users your company needs. We'll guess based on your current Professional users (which includes Administrators), but you can select to purchase more (or less if you plan on changing some accounts to be Collaborators or remove users).

We'll automatically suggest the best plan for you - Boutique, Team or Company - and you'll be able to choose whether you want Monthly or Annual billing. Annual billing has some big price advantages - see below for more info.

From there, just enter your credit card details - we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express - and you'll be activated instantly. We'll also send you an invoice for your records. If you select the Annual billing plan, you can elect to pay on an invoice instead.

As a special bonus for our early users, if you sign up by November 20th, we'll send you one of our awesome and stylish Accelo t-shirts!

Month-to-month vs Annual Plans - what's the difference?

When you sign up for Accelo, you're able to select between month-to-month or an annual plan. To reward our users who commit to Accelo, we've structured our annual plans to provide a discount of up to 25% compared to our month-to-month plans.

The month to month plan gives you maximum flexibility - you can cancel at any time, and we just won't invoice you the next month. The annual plan means making an annual commitment, but you'll get a price break by paying for your entire year's subscription up front.

Since annual plan purchases are naturally larger transactions, we also offer our annual plan purchasers the option to pay on an invoice rather than via a credit card. Payments for these annual plan invoices can be made using checks or wire/bank transfers.

Training, Support and Feedback

As we've been talking to more of our users during this transition, we've heard from a few folks that they want to get some refresher training and help to become more familiar with Accelo.

To help out, we're running a series of special training sessions through our demo webinars. Sign up for free today for one of our regular sessions in your timezone.

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