Sneak Peek at the All-New Contractors Module (and more!)

3-Mar 2015

After being on our roadmap since Q3 of 2013 (see this post for our first hint of its development), our Contractors Module has been a long time coming. After being bumped for things that our users told us were higher priorities - requests module, projects module, timers, triggers & notifications, mobile apps, quotes module, automated timesheets and team scheduling for a few examples - our team were under strict instructions to focus entirely on building the Contractors module in February.

The great news is that they've delivered, and the results are incredible. This new module isn't just a new user class - it is actually five major upgrades and enhancements that are rolled together into one major leap forward for all Accelo users - even if you don't have any contractors on the team at all.

Changes we'll be shipping with the Contractors module upgrade include:

  • Brand New Permissions Model. To underpin the kinds of restrictions businesses need when involving temporary staff in their operations, we've not just enhanced our permissions and access control model: we've completely re-written it, giving our users a lot more power to control access by user, group, module and object.

contractor obj perm

  • Costs and Profitability. We've taken the plunge in another area of much-requested enhancement: When we release the new contractors module, we'll also be releasing cost tracking and profitability reports. We know the real time reporting of costs and profitability on projects and more are going to be really popular.

 costing photoshop

  • New Email Sending Options. Since there's a decent chance your Contractor users will be using their own email addresses, we realized we needed to step up our game to another level with email capture and tracking. With this upgrade you'll be able to choose on a per-user or a per-module-type basis how you want the emails to be sent out from Accelo. If you're someone who's wanted to make sure all activities on tickets of a certain type come from "", you're going to be excited about this.

  • New Contractor User Type. Of course, you'll need to be able to create new Contractor users with this new module too! They'll be free during the beta period, and after the beta Contractor licenses will be billed on a sliding scale based on how much they use their account.

  • Changes to Collaborators. With the creation of the new Contractor user type, we're also making a couple of changes to the Collaborator user type (available only in ServOps). Collaborators will retain their ability to move around and modify records widely in Accelo, but we'll be simplifying things further by removing the few time-entry screens and inputs for these users going forward.

To see what we've got coming around the corner, I'd like to invite you to join us for a special sneak-peek session later this week. See the list of webinar times and click on the link below to reserve your place - we're looking forward to seeing you there!

To reserve your place, click on the webinar time that suits you best from the list below:

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