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Sneak Peek Webinar: Projects Module Upgrade

12-Jun 2018

Projects are core to how many Accelo users deliver great client work, and for the last few months, our design and engineering teams have been working hard on a major upgrade to our Projects module.

We're now very close to being able to release this major upgrade and to help our users get familiar with the new features before they launch, we're hosting a special Sneak Peek session for you all.

Join us on Wednesday, June 20th (or 21st if you're in the APAC region), where our CEO will show you the improvements before they roll out, including:

  • Major upgrades to the way you handle - and set - project dates, including the ability to define start and due dates and not have them move around as upstream dependencies run late (or early)
  • A whole new level of automation, including the ability for milestones and tasks to start automatically when upstream dependencies are satisfied, when defined start dates are met or a combination of all these.
  • New configurations to allow you to control how smart you want Accelo to be on a per-project level, including whether you want things to run with lots of automation or only a little bit.
  • A brand new Gantt chart which - and this is a first - can show you planned, actual, forecast and target dates all in one easy to consume screen!
  • Many other impressive UI enhancements and time savers, especially for when you're creating new projects.

Please find a time that suits you best below and follow the link to register:

We can't wait to see you there!


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