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18-Nov 2015
geoff professional
Geoff McQueen FOUNDER & CEO

So, what is Accelo all about? What does our brand mean? Accelo is about the amazing professionals who use our product, and our brand is the benefits we aim to bring to their working lives.

Accelo Logo

These are the four things we strive to deliver to our users, the touchstones of our brand:

Clarity: Accelo exists to provide you with transparency and openness in your workspace. We want to make it easy for you to get out of the silo and step into an open work environment.

Confidence: Accelo empowers you to have the confidence to thrive. Equipped with the data and information you need, you can make a confident and informed decision, every time.

Productivity: Accelo gives you the ability to maximize your productivity by streamlining the work you do. By giving you the automation you need to manage your projects and tedious tasks, Accelo boosts your overall productivity.

Freedom: Accelo helps you to do the work you love. By automating many of those daily activities and providing as much clarity and confidence as possible, Accelo gives you the freedom to achieve your maximum potential.

Bringing these themes together is our logo, which we hope conveys both the concept of acceleration along with associations of flight, particularly as a team working together the way a flock of migrating birds do. Some people tell us our new logo reminds them of a fast-moving, accelerating arrow. Some people tell us it reminds them of a wing or a bird, and others the symbolism of many birds of different colors and sizes flying in the same direction.

Whatever it means to you, we hope it represents an opportunity to make tomorrow better than today, and we hope we can do our little bit to make that a reality for our users.

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