The Benefits of Transparency Without Changing the Way You Work

By Sarah Khogyani
Apr 1 2013 read

Recently, Inc magazine wrote about how a few companies have been adopting a transparent email policy. Stripe, a Payments startup (that we use here at Accelo!), allows their employees to read all emails. Co-founder Patrick Collison revealed to Quora his reasons on why email information is accessible to everyone on their team:

"I find that our policies mostly affect cases where it doesn't seem obviously important to actively make information accessible to others. This stuff isn't usually of particular value to anyone outside the company, but it can often make internal workflows much more efficient -- people don't need to block on asking questions, they can take cues from how others are solving similar issues, etc."

It’s the kind of policy that goes against the grain of isolated inboxes and brings to mind the notion of email being a walled off enemy of collaboration and openness. But we also know most companies wouldn't be able to go from black to white, and even if they wanted to, the inbox isn't designed for sharing, discovery and collaboration. That's why we invented Accelo Sync.

Sync was built as a hybrid approach to the transparent email policy - it automatically captures and shares only client-related email conversations.

By taking this approach, we're able to provide instant transparency while people keep use email the way they normally would-- no new mail clients and no new buttons to press or addresses to copy in. Whether they're on their iPhone, Gmail or using Office365, Accelo works automatically and seamless in the background across their whole team.

With thousands of companies already embracing Accelo and the transparency it provides (from small agile teams through to the big end of town), and with a price starting at free, what are you waiting for? Sign up and give it a try today.

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