The Benefits of Using Business Automation Technology to Manage Client Work

9-Dec 2016
Elisha Huke, HTA Advisory

Here at HTA, we’re huge advocates of utilizing smart technology to improve efficiency in our business. Whether you’re the head of your company or working with a team, your time is better spent developing your business - not on time consuming administrative tasks. With technology advancing quickly, business owners and leaders need to keep an eye out and embrace the platforms that’ll make their businesses faster and easier to run. In a highly competitive professional service market, this is a sure-fire way to stay ahead of the game.


 "The accounting world has made a massive shift in the way we provide services to our clients."


Elisha Huke

We encourage all of our clients to automate processes as much as possible and help them create scalable business operations moving forward. When business owners implement smart automation to their workflows, they end up saving hours per week – and so do their employees. That means that everyone has more time to invest in the big wins, and spend more time on billable work that drives revenue.

As business advisors, we’ve seen our clients implement business automation, and watched their companies reap the benefits. With smart technology, they get complete visibility into their business, enabling them to make better, more informed decisions with confidence because they can see exactly what’s going on. By working in the cloud with platforms like Accelo, we’re also able to easily work with our clients and their data, which lets us provide really meaningful information to them so that they can continue to grow and be more successful.

Gone are the days when you’d go back and forth with emails or sending correspondence via mail, all the information we ever need is just a click away. At HTA, we have the ability to login to Accelo to track projects, team performance and have an overview of the business’ current opportunities and leads. The information at hand and the opportunity to do better is unprecedented, and as a result the accounting world has made a massive shift in the way we provide services to our clients. We no longer only look at our clients’ profits and losses – now, we analyze all the data that is right there in a simple screen and can effectively forecast. To be able to look at the numbers and provide meaningful insights to our clients has made such an important impact on their business and growth opportunities.

The streamlined information and data we obtain from smart automation technology like Accelo is priceless because of the value it brings to our clients at HTA Advisory. Technology has completely revolutionized the accounting industry, and we as advisors need to continue to take advantage of this smart technology so that we can spend more time helping business owners make informed decisions with accurate and streamlined data.

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