The New Contractors Module is Here! (beta)

18-Mar 2015

After over a year of planning and months of effort, the new Accelo Contractors module is here! This brand new user class makes it easy to manage your part-time, contract and freelance team members; the new module will be in beta for the next 6 weeks or so (until the end of April).

Contractors are much like other types of users in Accelo - they can perform a variety of functions such as logging billable and non-billable time, entering notes, uploading files and managing tasks and tracking deadlines.

To update the access level (or license) for a user, you need to edit their user profile.


  1. Switch to the "Admin" navigation and expand "Users & Groups" > "Users" > "User List"
  2. The User List screen will show all active users in Accelo. In the Access Level column, you can review the level for each user.
  3. To edit the access level, click the edit icon on the far right - this will let you edit a number of other details for the user too.
  4. On the Edit User screen, you can adjust the access level. Click Save to confirm.


Note that the permissions for that user will be updated immediately. They will not be warned of a change in access level.

For more information on creating contractor licenses visit our help website:

All Contractor users will be free during the beta period, and after the beta period the Contractor Licenses will be billed on a sliding scale according to usage.

New Email Sending Settings

In addition to the new user class, the new Contractor module also includes the ability to control how emails are sent out from Accelo. Since many contractors and freelancers are likely to be using their own email address - often from free email services like - we've now made it possible to choose how you want emails sent out by users to be presented to your clients. 

For more information about the ability to change how emails are sent, refer to our New Email Sending Options blog post.

Changes to Collaborators

Alongside this upgrade, we will be simplifying the Collaborator access for our ServOps clients. While Collaborators will maintain their ability to create and modify records in Accelo, they will no longer have the ability to log non-billable time as a collaborator.

If you have Collaborators that you need to have enter time into Accelo, make sure you change them into Contractors.

We'd Love Your Feedback

The Beta period for the Contractors module is expected to run through to the end of April. By using the module and sending us suggestions or improvements, we will be able to enhance the performance of the module according to what our users would like to see.

Once you've had a chance to take a look at the module, feel free to email and share your ideas and insights - we want to hear from you!

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