What If Time Tracking Was Easy?

The Simplicity of Time Tracking with Accelo

22-Feb 2019

Do your employees utilize time tracking?

If so, is it a team policy or productivity hack by selective staff? Many business professionals and CEOs find that when they try to mandate time tracking on a regular basis that they’re met with resistance. Employees find it to be micromanaging, but the truth is, time tracking benefits everyone. It improves productivity, makes big tasks seem more manageable, and aids to mono-tasking, a more efficient way to work.

Accelo helps time tracking resistance.

The resistance employers see can also be a product of the frustration of manual time and project tracking, which makes sense. It’s frustrating to add more work that simply tracks or manages what is being done.

That’s where Accelo excels, because the platform automates this feature, allowing your staff to utilize the benefits so easily.

Let's talk about the benefits.

The benefits of time tracking are numerous for employer and staff. As a business owner, to truly understand productivity and profitability it’s important to know how long tasks and projects take to complete, which employees are your top performers and which need a bit of a boost, and the projects and/or clients that bring in the most revenue.

This information is crucial if you are going to improve workflows and capitalize on your best workers and biggest clients. You can remind your staff that it’s a big bonus for their work too. 

Employees who use time tracking systems are more likely to monotask, which increases productivity and efficiency. Monotasking is focusing on one thing at a time and is a great way to break up big projects into manageable pieces. Furthermore, it's much easier to track milestones and celebrate benchmarks. Time tracking helps people stay on top of deadlines because they're forced to take a real look at how long tasks are taking and the effort that's going into a certain project. Staying on top of projected deadlines makes it easier to see where you're going, what's working, and what needs to be changed. 

If you're hesitant on implementing a client work management platform, take a look at a smart platform automates time tracking and see what that can do for you and your team. Sign up for a free trial today

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