The Benefits of Business Operations Automation

The Top 4 Benefits of Implementing a Business Operations Automation Platform

22-Jun 2017

For many project managers, business operations software is something they use everyday to help manage their team, deliver profitable client projects, and grow the business (even increasing revenue by as much as 50%).

If you’re not working with a truly cloud-based service operations software platform then you aren't experiencing the full scope of benefits that come with automation and integration. Just like a self-driving car, the right service operations platform will guide your business and unite your sales, projects, tickets, retainers, and time tracking - all in one simple place.

Want to learn more? Here are four ways that a truly cloud based business operations platform can help you focus on growth while technology takes care of the rest:

1. Seamless Task Management

Know exactly which tasks you’ve been assigned, completed, or have left to do with a smart platform that brings together all of your work (automatically) in one task dashboard. From here, you can easily search your tasks by status or deadline to stay more organized and prioritize your day. The best part? You can integrate your task dashboard directly with your Google, Exchange, or Office 365 account so that any tasks you have listed in other platforms are automatically synchronized.

2. Better Client Relationships

Log all client touch points, emails, and communication history with a smart platform that automatically archives (and takes the pain out of keeping track of) client communication. A truly cloud-based service operations automation software will give you access to your entire team's communication history - so that you can easily check the status of a certain conversation or see the progress on a specific project in real time. That way, you can oversee more projects efficiently, knowing that a client will never be left in the dark.

3. Easy Invoicing

Easily create recurring invoices from projects and send them to your clients, automatically. This frees up the time you would have spent sending the same invoice twice for more important tasks. Save even more time by working in a smart platform that has the ability to convert your timesheets or service tickets into an invoice and push that across to your main accounting system -automatically!

4. More Freedom

Do all of this from anywhere, at anytime with a business operations automation platform that integrates with your mobile devices. You’ll be able to access your clients, data, and projects while working on the go and ultimately manage every aspect of your business from the convenience of your smartphone!

All that's left to do is to click here and start working with a cloud-based business operations automation software today - so you can experience the benefits for yourself.

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