The Top 4 Tools For Success

How to Convert Every Conversation Into a Sale

9-Jun 2017

You’ve probably heard this a million times before - but communication is key when it comes to running a successful business. However, it can become quite hard to focus on building client relationships when you’re flat out trying to manage team projects.

Thankfully there are smart platforms available that can automate and streamline your communication processes – so you can get back to doing the client-facing work you love, while technology takes care of the rest.

Here are the top four tools you need for all-star communication and the benefits of integrating them into your primary business software:


The right smart platform will recognize any new leads you attract in Hubspot, and automatically store them in the same place you’re working from.  That way, everyone on your team has access to all the information they need to start a conversation, and you no longer need to waste time manually adding new contacts or client details.


With a smart platform that integrates with Slack, you’ll be able to set automated reminders for you and your team, log the time you spend in a message channel, and send notifications every time a new task is reassigned. That way, you get a clearer view of your team agenda and stay up to date on all of their projects - without having to chase them up over email.

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Push results from surveys or questionnaires you create in Typeform, into your smart platform – so you have all the data you need to grow your business with ease. The best part? You’ll be able to use this information to convert leads to clients without having to jump between disconnected tools or manually pasting details into your client portal – because it’s all being streamlined into one place for you.

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Office 365

Get more out of your professional inbox with a smart platform that automatically archives your client communication history into one shared account. That way, everyone on your team is kept in the loop and doesn’t need to go digging in endless CC threads just to get the information they’re looking for. With the right smart platform, you can also set reminders to contact your most valuable clients - to retain their business and build lasting relationships.

If this kind of streamlined communication sounds like something you need at your agency, just click here to start trailing smart automation technology today. Or for more tips on how to delight your clients, check this out.


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