The High Cost of Untracked Time

27-Dec 2016

If the saying “time is money” cues a broken record player in your head, you’re probably not alone—but hold that thought.

As much as we constantly hear cautionary words like these, they tend to go in one ear and out the other, but why? The short answer: because they’re usually vague and open-ended pieces of advice with no hard numbers to really make us heed the warning.

That’s why we put together this infographic to quickly illustrate how time that isn’t tracked against meetings or emails is likely costing you and your business thousands of dollars per employee, every year.

See the infographic below for a glimpse into how much untracked time is really costing your company.


Find these numbers shocking? You're not the only one. If you or your business could be doing better when it comes to tracking time against meetings or emails, you should look into smart automation and how it can help :-). 

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