TimeSheet and Productivity Reports!

23-Apr 2012
Project Management

Since our redesign, we've been adding a bunch of new screens with one common focus - giving our users new screens to get a lot more valuable information about what's going on inside their Accelo account.

This week, in addition to a bunch of small bug fixes, we've shipped two new screens this week we think you'll really enjoy.

User Dashboard

What have you been working on? How have you been going logging your time, working on things for clients? The answer comes in our newest addition to the Dashboards menu, this is the place to get a snapshot of your performance over the last week.

  • Keep an eye on hours logged, and how much has been billable

  • See how consistently you have been logging time over the last 3 months, and how that time has been classified.
  • Take note of you overdue tasks, active tasks and diaries to be actioned.

  • Click through to view your Time Sheet Report (introduced below).

There's also a handy checklist on the right-hand side to ensure you've setup your profile, and a checklist for admin users too! And for those with a competitive streak, you can compare your hours logged with your colleagues under the Leaderboard section.

TimeSheet Reports

You've been diligently recording all your time using the handy Work screen, but actually seeing an overview of worked logged this week or last week has until now been a bit tricky since the screen is more optimized for inputting time, not viewing the workd done.

Introducing the Timesheet Reports!

The default view will give you the last 7 days of activities logged for your user account, and if you like, you can change the time period to look at a shorter or longer window of activity.

You can view the report for other users you manage by selecting a name other than your own in the top left select field.

  • Time is grouped by company/client, ordered by the most hours. On expand you can see the time that user has logged for each project, issue and sale (where applicable) within each company.

  • # Activities are the diary notes, emails, meetings and calls. A future update will allow you to expand the project and see each diary entry!

  • The "Amount" column provides an indication of the billable value of the work - based on the rates used for those activities.

  • Toggle the date range using the selector in the top right corner.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. You can either email support@accelo.com OR if you want to submit a feature request, visit our suggestions forum

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