Two Neat Upgrades for Time-Tracking in Accelo

25-Sep 2013

I love inflexible software that presumes to know what is best for my colleagues and I.


Said no one...



In fact, I appreciate a product that has been designed to save you time by using clever default settings and preferences - as long as there's a way to adjust these if your preferences change.

So, we're pleased to announce a new preference setting for automatically starting/pausing the timer whenever the Create Activity dialog is opened!

By default, the timer starts automatically, but now you can change this by visting your Settings page, and the under the Privacy & Email Preferences section, you'll notice a new AutoStart Activity Timer section.


This setting will apply to the Create Activity dialog, the in-line reply area of the Inbox screen, and the in-line reply area when viewing a full activity/conversation.

After you've made the change, be sure to hit Save from the bottom of the preferences page.


The second improvement may be one you've already noticed: Clicking into the hh, mm, or ss fields of a running timer will now pause the timer. Note that you still need to click on the timer to expand it.

Admittedly, the timers in the old version of Accelo already had this feature, but as the timer design evolved, this little piece was lost.


Thanks go out to clients like ZooMedia and other users providing feedback via our ideas forum - really helps us catch onto these suggestions and make improvements in a timely manner.

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