Watch Yesterday’s Demo with Q&A

31-Jan 2014

Yesterday we ran a number of live webinars to demonstrate the new Projects Module, as well as answer questions from our many users who came along to join is live. For the many users who couldn't make it along to one of our scheduled sessions, we’ve included a recording of one of them below. If you've got any questions, please don't hesitate to email

  • Intro: 0:34
  • Planning: 2:48
  • Budgets: 5:10
  • Dependencies: 10:48
  • Tasks: 15:24
  • Project Overview: 22:23
  • Assign Work: 23:22
  • Materials (non-time budgets): 27:38
  • Logging time & Reporting: 30:29
  • Approving Work: 32:35
  • Schedule: 37:14
  • Creating & Splitting Tasks Dynamically: 39:21
  • Invoicing: 42:18
  • Final Q&A: 52:56

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