The Benefits Of ServOps & Automation

Why ServOps Is Great For Managers

15-Aug 2018

As a manager, there are a number of quotidian tasks that are vital to the success of your team’s everyday performance. This runs the gamut of checking in with clients, tracking employee work, and overseeing projects and budgets. How do you handle pivoting from one to the next, and are you confident in where your budget is being spent?

With a cloud-based software, like Service Operations Automation (ServOps), you’ll have greater visibility around your team’s work by proactively tracking deliverables and budgets. If you have yet to get started on a ServOps system, start your free trial today and see what you've been missing out on.

5 Reasons You Need ServOps

1. Time Tracking

When using a ServOps platform, you can track the time you spend on client emails automatically, so you don’t even have to remember to input the information. Plus, you’ll be paid for work that commonly isn’t billed for. Additionally, outside work such as meetings can be tracked manually. By keeping track of the time spent on each task your entire team sees how resources are being utilized.

2. Asset Tracking

Customize and link assets to a project so that you can access everything you need in one place. Why is this important? Well, each member of your team will be able to track activities related to an email, note, or meeting. This is another way to increase transparency and ensure everyone's on the same page when it comes to the status of a certain project.

3. Resource & Utilization Tracking

Do you know who is being overworked and who is being underworked? With a ServOps platform track tasks and meetings. You’ll always have access to a view of staff utilization, which updates in real-time.

4. Task Tracking

What’s better than a drag-and-drop feature? Our drag-and-drop task boards allow you to create and assign tasks, leave comments, and see each other’s workload from one place. You can opt-in to receive an automatic notification when a task is complete or if changes have been made. Remember, automation means one less thing you have to worry about!

5. Workflow Tracking

What are the workflow components of a project? Are you aware of the budget, dependencies, and expected length of time a certain sprint is allotted to take? With workflow tracking you watch the progression of your project just as you would if you were building it in traditional software, but in this case, it is cloud-based and live.

6. Budget Tracking

This might be the most important tool because we all need to focus on our bottom line. Budget tracking shows usage in real-time as staff members log hours against tasks, activities or projects. You don’t want to close out a project and realize that your team was overspending. Predict problems before they occur and prevent scope creep from setting in.

If you’re ready to track time and expenses with more ease and accuracy than ever before, it's time to try a ServOps platform for free, sign up for your trial today!

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