" Since using Accelo, we’ve seen an increase in billable time and revenue, now that everything we need is in one place. "
Principal Accesibility Strategist

Working Smarter, Faster & Growing with Ease: How Level Playing Field Increased Their Business 20x In the Last Year

Level Playing Field is far from your average consultancy. Along with providing expert advice and analysis to their clients, the team at Level Playing Field are known for changing lives - one project at a time - to help people with disabilities thrive.

“We work with architects, designers, and property managers across Canada and in the USA to make sure spaces are accessible for everyone; to remove barriers and ensure the world is inclusive for all," says Founder Darby Lee Young. "That way, everyone feels included and has equal access to be involved in their community."

While removing built barriers, and providing environmental solutions is what Darby is great at, using technology to help run her growing business was not - initially, she was trying to run the business solely using spreadsheets. After wasting hours manually updating files (time that she'd rather have spent doing revenue-generating work that she's great at), Darby realized that relying on Excel was holding her and the business back. That’s when she started to look for modern technology to help, and eventually landed on Accelo.

“First and foremost, I needed and wanted something that was user-friendly. I didn't have experience using project management software before so I needed something that was quite straightforward," Darby explained. “I also wanted something that incorporated all our client work in one place - so that my staff and I weren't having to jump around between different programs just to do our work,” said Darby.

Managing Clients, Projects, Time, and Revenue, Together.

Thanks to Accelo’s easy-to-use interface and different but integrated products, Darby was able to transition her team and projects seamlessly across to one smart platform without any major headaches or speed bumps and has increased her business 20x in the last year.

“Since using Accelo, we’ve seen an increase in billable time and revenue now that everything we need is in one place. I don’t have to fish around or dig for stuff now with one integrated platform. Accelo streamlines everything so that I can go into one program and do everything - so now when I go into meetings I can just open the Accelo app on my phone and set timers which make it really easy and eliminates guess work when it comes to tracking time.”

Growing with Cloud Technology

As an environmental consultant who spends a lot of time out in the field and meeting with clients, Darby can access all her client work from any location in real-time - another huge benefit of using Accelo's mobile apps.

"I can easily access projects and data from my phone when meeting with clients, all while tracking the time spent with the built-in timers feature," explains Darby. This means she doesn’t need to remember how much time she’s spent working on-the-go or manually log that time upon return to the office. Darby simply starts and stops a timer in the app, which then syncs directly to her web app, where she later conducts all her invoicing.

“I find it super easy to do invoicing now. We’ve definitely saved a lot of time now that our hours automatically show up in our accounting software, Xero, and this alone saves my accounting team a lot of time,” said Darby.

In fact, “It takes about half the amount of time to complete our invoicing using Accelo versus any other software. We love the convenience of being able to locate client data, and log time as we go, on-the-go,” she said.

Due to the efficiencies gained with Accelo, Darby has eliminated manual processes when it comes to invoicing - so what used to take hours every month can now be done in minutes - dramatically reducing the time between doing work on a project and getting paid for it by 50 percent.

On top of all of this, Darby’s team is billing out for 15 percent more work each week because they’re finally able to focus on revenue-generating work rather than redundant tasks.

Plus, “my team can see all of the hours they’ve spent working on certain tasks, and where they’re up to on a project, without having to come and ask me. They can automatically take a look to see if we’ve billed for that work or not, and see where we’re up to with certain tasks,” said Darby.

By making Accelo her primary business software - to manage everything from team projects, client relationships, and invoicing - Darby has gained the insights and transparency she needs to focus on the life-changing work that Level Playing Field exists to do: making the world accessible to everyone, one day at a time. 

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