Client Success Story

Financial Consulting Firm Increases Productivity with Accelo

Employees using different systems and spreadsheets made it challenging and time consuming for leadership to know what was going on and manage time. That all changed with Accelo.


Founded in 2000 by Jorge Fernandez, GBS Group began as an accounting and tax firm and developed into a full-service business consulting agency. The business specializes in working with Hispanic entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the U.S. and European and Latin American-based companies. 


GBS Group found themselves stuck in a common rut of having multiple software and systems causing disconnected business operations and headaches across the team. The company had invested in CS Professional Suite by Thomson Reuters, an accounting-specific software, but CS Suite wasn’t congruent with GBS Group’s overall business model. They had to supplement shortcomings of this tool with Excel spreadsheets, which not only caused unnecessary disruptions to productivity but created inefficiencies when it came to measuring billable and non-billable time. Employees were not working in CS Professional Suite out of frustration and accurate time-tracking was a major struggle for leadership while losing time and money trying to figure it out. 


The executive team at GBS Group recognized that they needed a system designed to manage client work, not a traditional accounting system. They discovered Accelo and discovered client work management automation. Instantly they were attracted to Accelo’s email integration: a feature that could greatly improve how they communicated with their clients. After migrating to Accelo, it became easy to track progress on client accounts, which, from a management perspective, allowed the business to take time management to the next level and properly utilize employees. 

On the client-side, they now had a 360-degree view of work progress with each client in real-time. As a tax and accounting firm, making deadlines is essential. At any given time, GBS Group has a high volume of work coming in or coming out as deliverables. Accelo ensured that nothing fell through the cracks and that there were no more unexpected client tax penalties.


Efficiencies increased and time spent on organizational and non-billable work decreased. Now the entire organization is accessing all the same up-to-date client information in the Activity Stream. A manager can easily step in if needed and there is no delay in team members accessing the information that they need when they need it. The results of implementing Accelo have been far better than GBS Group had hoped – the executive team and employees love the platform! 

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