Looking back over my 8 Months at Accelo

20-Oct 2020
justin urbanski

Hey. I’m Justin, Agile Coach and Integrations Team Lead at Accelo. I started here at the beginning of 2020 and have taken some time to reflect on my time here - what is working well, and what we’ve achieved.

A Strong Start

The first thing that struck me about Accelo was the fun, welcoming culture. Before I even started, I got a welcome box in the mail full of goodies, including Accelo branded SWAG, chocolates and an Accelo lip balm shaped like a dome! The whole package was a really nice surprise. 

On my first day my laptop was ready to go so I could hit the ground running. My manager personally introduced me to everyone and explained their role and how they contributed to the Accelo team. I can’t say I remembered everyone’s name on day one, but it was a special touch. My team took me out to lunch to get to know me. By the end of the first week, I was contributing to both my team, and the organisation. 

Great Culture

Everyone at Accelo has been welcoming. It allowed me to get up to speed quickly. As an agent of change, the supporting culture has made it easy to collaborate and improve. Collaboration works best when conversion is candid and when this is the case it’s amazing what people and teams can achieve. 

At Accelo, fun is a habit. Enjoying your work environment is so important and Accelo takes it to another level. Pre-covid, when we were all in the office, lunch was provided on Friday’s which is a nice perk. It's the conversations and laughter at lunch that really makes the difference. There is Yoga at lunch once a fortnight. Most Friday’s we play skribbl.io or trivia over a few drinks. We genuinely enjoy being together. 



Significant Improvements and Enhancements

I was brought in to make change. Agile teams were already in place, and my role was to further enhance Agile principles and practices, as well as leading the integration team. With the help of a number of other key engineering leads, and the support of the engineering team members, we’ve had significant positive momentum in 2020, despite the remote working environments forced on us by the pandemic. 

We have focused heavily on building an engineering culture of excellence. Teams have embraced our new Engineering Principles and Practices. Everyone has contributed to improving knowledge in areas like test automation, TDD, design patterns, security and refactoring.

Technically we have launched our engineering platform vision. Personally, the effort, boldness and collaboration of the team has been impressive. The team enjoyed the challenges to deliver our new Reports Module using GraphQL and nodeJS.  More on this soon in another blog post. 

Another key focus area has been limiting Work in Progress to stop starting and start finishing, which I wrote about previously here.

Full Steam Ahead

All in all, although 2020 has had many COVID related lows, we have achieved a lot and are still hustling. The way the organisation and people have embraced change has been inspirational. There is still a long way to go in our journey, but our future is super bright.

We’re currently looking for senior developers to come on board and contribute to our journey of engineering improvement and excellence. Apply here and help us improve productivity and profitability of services businesses.


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