Create a Special Process Action

Customize your progressions to prompt the manager to approve time logged, or to prompt your user creating the project to plan the project, or to invoice a project once it’s completed by adding “Special Process” action to your status change.

This powerful tool is only available for Premium users as part of the Business Progression & Fields.

Of all the Progression Actions available, Special Process is the most unique one available. It allows you to link a process for that object, such as approving an issue, or invoicing for a job, into the progression.

For example, when the project manager changes to "Completion" status, you can prompt the user to review all the time/activities on that job using the Approval process. Built this into the progression by picking the Special Process as highlighted below.

To create a Special Process action:

  1. Find the progression you want to add a Special Process action for, and then select this option from the drop-down list on the right-hand side.

  2. The Create Progression Action Field screen will appear.

Special Process 4

You can then configure the default values for the Special Process, such as::

  • Assign/Unassign - This is to reassign the Manager

  • Create Budget- Select whether to track hours or the fees/costs as well.

  • Approve - Go to the Approval screen for time/work

  • Work Done/Cancelled - Complete/Cancel any open Tasks.

  • Invoice - Begin constructing an Invoice

  • Plan - Proceed to planning the Project

  • Status Board - Assign your Project Tasks/Milestones

  • Add Contributors - Add Contributors to your Object

Please see the Job or Issue action pages in the navigation for more details.

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