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Can I set up permissions for a User group?

Permissions in Accelo are used to determine what each user can and can't do.  These permissions are granted to each user based on their license (Admin, Professional, or Contractor), and can be further customized via groups and permissions.

Managing Group Membership

Assign permissions to your staff, define their role, and set group rates by adding users to the relevant Groups.  

To see which groups a user currently belongs to, as well as add or remove them from groups, navigate to the Users & Groups, select the User Name, and choose the Groups tab.  There you'll find a list of existing groups, with check boxes to denote which groups the user belongs to.

Creating New Groups 

Your Accelo account comes with several preset groups which can be used to define common roles, such as Project Managers and Contractors.  

To create additional Groups:

  1. Open the Settings menu, expand Users & Groups.

  2. Select Groups, and click the Add Group button.

    Add Group
  3. Give your new group a name, add members, and click Save.  This group will now appear under each user's groups tab, alongside your other groups.

Setting Group Permissions

Define a specific set of permissions for each of our groups.

To view and edit these permissions:

  1. Open the Settings menu, expand Users & Groups, and select Groups

  2. Click the Edit Access Control button next to the group you wish to edit. There you'll find a list of all the permissions which can be granted to an Accelo user, categorized by module.

    Edit Access Control

  3. To add or remove the ability to do things like delete sales or create projects, simply choose the relevant category, and check the desired permission box.  Note - All users are always able to view and edit their assigned work.





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