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How do I set up a User's Permissions?

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Setting up Permissions

Some aspects of your business, such as rates and budgets, do not need to be shared amongst all team members.

There are many situations where you'd need to restrict users or groups from accessing certain content in Accelo. For some users you want to restrict access to an entire module, and other users you'd prefer to restrict certain functions within those modules, such as editing and deleting records. The following scenarios might resonate with your current setup:

  • You employ contractors and want restrict visibility to only work they've been assigned to.

  • You have a competitive sales team and don't need them to see each other's sales data.

  • You manage multiple companies in Accelo, and want to keep their data separate.

To grant and restrict access to users and groups:

  1. As an Admin, click the left hand side navigation and select Settings.

  2. Select Permissions under Users & Groups.


  3. Select a User or Group from the drop-down list at the top.

  4. Choose whether to grant permission to access various Modules and specific options under each Module by checking the box next to each item.


The ability to AddEdit, or View All objects will be shared across every category that is defined on the left-hand side. Note - Contractors will be unable to inherit the 'View All' permission.

If you don't want to give anyone general access, but would rather provide them access to individual objects they may be assigned to or be involved with, see below regarding:

Granting access to Companies/Contacts

To allow a restricted user access to see a Client entry, such as granting a contractor access to see the Client page of a client which they're working for, you can always provide Object Specific Permissions.

To create an Object Specific Permission:

To edit specific Company permissions click the Elliptical and select Additional Settings, then Company Permissions.

Add Users to the list, and provide them specific permissions. This will function similarly to the general configurations.

ResizedImage600190 Screen Shot 2015 05 22 at 15.37.38 PM


Granting access to Sales

Much like for Clients, you can access the specific Permissions for a Sale from the Elliptical, then selecting Permissions.

Alternatively, you can assign the individual as a Salesperson from the Edit Sale option. If you update it in this way, the Salesperson will then own/manage every aspect of the particular sale. Note: Collaborators can't be Salespersons.

For more limited work/access, we recommend going through the permissions.

Granting access to Projects

For a user to see a Project, they need only be assigned some part of the Project to work on.  This includes being assigned the Project itself, or being assigned a Milestone (such as Tasks).

To edit specific Project permissions click the Elliptical and select Additional Settings, then Permissions.


Upon Creation, you can select a Project Manager who will own/manage the Project. You can also access this at any time by going to the Edit option and going to Project Settings. Note: Collaborators cannot be Project Managers.

Like Sales, and Clients previously discussed, you can always assign specific permissions through Edit Permissions.

ResizedImage600198 Screen Shot 2015 05 22 at 1.30.34 PM 

Granting access to Tickets

To edit specific Ticket permissions click the Elliptical and select Permissions.

You can allow a restricted user access to see certain Tickets, if they are the assignee. They can be assigned the ticket upon creation, or by accessing the Edit Ticket option.  Note: Collaborators cannot be assigned Tickets.

The best way to set specific permissions will be through the Edit Permissions option.

ResizedImage600261 Screen Shot 2015 05 22 at 1.37.16 PM


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