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How do I login to Accelo?

To log in to Accelo, simply navigate to your deployment; that URL is formatted like where "sample" is the company name you provided when creating your account. You can also find a direct link in the Please confirm your email address message that our system sends to all new users. 

We'll prompt you to log in using one of two sets of credentials:


Accelo-Specific Login Details

Simply enter your Accelo username and password.  These would have been chosen when you originally created the account or were sent to you by your Accelo administrator.


If you don't know your username or password, simply use the "Lost Your Password?" link at the bottom to retrieve your login details via email. 

Google Apps Single Sign-On (SSO)

If your Accelo deployment is linked to your Google Apps domain, the login screen will include the Login with Google Apps button.  This is the recommended login method whenever available.

Login with Google Apps

Simply click the red Login with Google Apps button to log in using your Google account.

Using Single Sign On via Google Apps means that instead of having to remember yet another username and password, you can securely log in to Accelo using Google's authentication system.


Logging in from the Google Apps Universal Nav

An advantage of linking to Google Apps is that Accelo will also be accessible via the "more" link from the top left corner of your Google Apps page, as shown in the image below. You'll then be transported directly to Accelo, without the need to enter any username or password details again.

Please note that if you've just signed up for Accelo, it may take a few hours for Google to include the Accelo link in your "more" area.

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