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Track when a Client Receives, Views, and Replies to your Emails

Keep track of your client activity with Accelo's Email Event Tracking tool. See exactly when the person received the message, viewed the message, or replied to the message so you can effectively schedule sales follow-up calls, improve communication with your clients, and increase your team’s time efficiency.

Email Event Tracking information

Email Event Tracking requires no additional setup of your account; you are already opted-in.  Simply send your email or note from within Accelo, and you'll instantly be able to track its progress.

The two main places to see client email activity are within the Notifications menu, and in the details of each individual activity.

    • Notifications Menu: The Notifications menu will display a red number when there's a new event notification.  Simply click the menu to display these new notifications


    • Activity Details: When viewing an Activity, email events will be displayed using color codes, with additional details available under the View Details link

Email notification 1


Event Color Codes

When viewing an activity, you can quickly identify which events have occurred for your emails' individual recipients based on their color code.  These events are tracked separately for each recipient, allowing you to review the email's progress with each individual.  The events which Accelo tracks, and their corresponding color codes are:

  • Email received in the recipient's inbox: Gray outline



  • Email opened by the recipient: Blue background



  • Link in the email has been clicked: Green background with a black outline


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