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How do I set up Rates?

Rates are utilized to prepare a budget, and to log billable work. In Accelo, rates are tracked on an hourly basis. Predefined rates can be set up in your Invoices & Rates Configuration.

Using this guide, you can:


Defining Rates

To access the Rates list:

  1. Click the Modules button in the top left of Accelo and select Configuration.

  2. Select Invoices & Pricing and select Rates.

    Rates 1234

Click the Add Rate button to add a new Rate to the list. Currently there are two types of Rates available within Accelo:

Add Rate 

  • Cost - This is the internal cost rate. The price your company pays per hour for usage.

  • Billable - This is the rate that is billable to the Client.

Both of these types of Rates require only two fields:

  • Title - This is the name provided to your Rate. It’s common to name it after a position title.

  • Rate - This is the hourly rate, calculated without tax.


Delete a Rate

Once a rate has been used, deleting is no longer an option, you can only de-activate it. Click the name of the rate in the Rates List to set it inactive. Once inactive, the rate will not be usable for new work, but existing activities with this rate will retain this rate.

A rate that has not been used may be deleted by clicking the recycle bin on the far right of the list.


Assigning Staff Rates

When you edit a staff record, you can select a rate for that staff member.

To edit a Staff Rate:

  1. Click on Users & Groups under Configuration, and select Users.

  2. Choose the user you wish to edit from the list.
  3. Click the Edit button and select Edit [user's name].

    Edit User2 
  4. Select their Default Billable Rate and Default Cost Rate from the drop-down lists. The pick list will only show rates from your predefined list. You can always create a custom/override rate in the blank box to the right. If it is blank, the rate in the picklist will be utilized.

Screen Shot 2015 11 11 at 2.38.20 PM

There are two things to consider when setting up Staff Rates:

  • Rates don’t apply retroactively. They will only change rates for new work logged, and previous work will retain their original rates.

  • Objects in Accelo (Projects, Issues, Retainer Period, etc.) can have their own unique rates. Staff rates are only used when they are selected as the rate set to the Object.

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