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There are many keyboard shortcuts that can save you time in navigating and using Accelo. Here's what you can do: 

Reminder: Alt / Option are interchangeable from Mac to PC. Command / Control are interchangeable from Mac to PC

Keyboard Shortcut


ENTER New Project Row
CTRL + E Open Task on Project Plan
ALT + ↑ Move Up Task / Milestone
ALT + ↓ Move Down Task / Milestone
ALT + → Indent Task / Milestone
ALT + ← Outdent Task / Milestone
/ Access Search Bar
[Object] + TAB Search within specific object
, Log Time
Esc Escape from Task, Activity, Time
CMD + B Bold Text
CMD + I Italicize Text
CMD + U Underline Text
CMD + K Add link
CMD + Click Object Opens object in new browser tab
T Create Task

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