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Navigating Accelo

Learn to navigate your Account to easily find and complete your work. 

Accelo has two main components you can find on each page:

  1. The Navigation bar is always accessible across the top of your Account.

  2. The Modules bar can be found on the left side of your screen.

The Navigation bar is made up tools you need to complete your work on a daily basis:

Accelo Nav Bar2

  1. Modules button: Lists all of the different modules in Accelo. Clicking on a Module name will take you to a List View of the work across that module, allowing you to segment, track, and filter your ongoing and completed work easily.
  2. Search bar: Search for any object within Accelo by name, or select the type of object from the drop-down arrow for a more narrow search.
  3. Create button: Create new work from scratch. Choose between Activity, Task, Project, Sale, etc. from the drop-down list.
  4. Saved buttonView any saved Favorites or Filters to track work in Accelo that is most important to you.
  5. Dashboard button: View various Dashboards to track ongoing in Accelo, including by User, Manager, Sale, Project etc.
  6. Task button: View your assigned Tasks in different Task Boards, tracking your work by Deadline, Status, or Assignment.
  7. Schedule button: Only available for Premium Users. View your Scheduled work on My Schedule, or access our Team Scheduling resource allocation tool.
  8. Stream button: View a Stream of client communication and logged work between your clients and your team, allowing you to stay informed in real-time. By default this is set as your homepage, but can be changed under your Preferences.
  9. Time button: View your daily or weekly Timesheets to see assigned tasks and work logged by day, or easily open your list of ongoing Timers.
  10. Reports button: View a Report of the Timesheet, view Billing Statements, or  Bulk Invoices.
  11. Inbox button: View your personal Inbox of any correspondence you have received from clients, or view the Request Inboxes for shared team correspondence.
  12. User Profile Icon: Click on the circle showing your picture or Initials in the top right corner of Accelo to see your Notifications and Account Preferences and how to setup your Integrations.

Click on the Modules button in the top left corner of Accelo to see this list which includes Companies, Contacts, Sales, Projects, Tickets, Retainers, Billing (Invoices), and Expenses. Click More to see lists of Assets, Campaigns, Quotes, and Project Signoffs. At the bottom of your Module list, Administrators can access Configuration to make changes to your account settings.

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